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Your health, safety and comfortability are our top priorities at De Opstal Country Lodge. That is why we have taken the necessary steps to become COVID-19 compliant. We follow the comprehensive protocols for COVID-19 operations as set forth by the Government and the Tourism Business Council of South Africa to keep you, our guest, as well as our loyal staff safe. We believe that being proactive is the responsible thing to do.

We have appointed safety officers (the owners and manager) held responsible for overseeing that the measures you agreed or pledged to take, are being implemented and that our additional precautionary steps are taken:

1. We require all guests or visitors to wear cloth or other suitable masks at all times with the exception of in the privacy of your accommodation unit or room, while eating and drinking, or when in connected small travel groups  in open space situations.

2. Your name and contact details; information with respect to trip details (for tracking post-stay); COVID-19 status and risk profile; and answers to COVID-19 screening questions will be obtained upon arrival, which will be kept confidential unless requested for COVID-19 case investigation. Your temperature will be taken and recorded as well, unless there is no guest contact with staff on check-in and/or during the days of your travel or stay.

3. We like to greet and welcome all of our guests and patrons by acknowledging and appreciating your presence with a hand shake, however during the COVID-19 pandemic, we have a "no-physical contact"  policy as guided by the Government.

4. Hygiene stations are set-up throughout our property for frequent sanitation of the hands, which will include hand washing facilities, hand-sanitiser included 60% or more alcohol, and/or hand sanitising wipes.

5. Regular cleaning of surfaces and objects that may be frequently touched/used around our property to disinfect.

6. COVID-19 preventative measures and information to reduce the chance of getting infected will be displayed.

7. Maintaining social distancing at all times.

8. Increased cleaning and sanitisation procedures are put in place for stay-over and check-out cleans to ensure all surfaces which are touched regularly are sanitised during the clean.

9. In our restaurant, spoon/tong self-service buffets are not allowed, but our friendly staff are more than happy to plate your food. Tables are sanitised before and after each guest use.

10. Our pool is  at maximum safe levels of chlorine or other anti-bacterial agents.

We ensure that our all of our staff are trained on COVID-19 operational requirements.

In the event of a guest showing COVID-19 symptoms and/or has tested positive for COVID-19, we follow detailed protocols to handle the situation, ensuring the guest obtains appropriate medical support, and is transferred to, or housed in, isolation or quarantine facilities as required and that other guests or staff who have been in contact with a COVID-19 positive guest are quarantined, and tested where possible.

Meanwhile, we are continuously assessing the situation and will keep our guests, clients and operators up to date through our social media platforms, our website as well as through personal correspondence.

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